Chuugoku Yome Nikki


Author : Inoue Junichi
Artist : Inoue Junichi
Genre : 4koma, Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life
Status : 3 volumes (Ongoing)

This is a diary-style 4koma manga that depicts the daily life and observations of the 40 year old author, who married a 26 year old Chinese girl. The author immediately states that this manga-style blog was meant to show the quirky and interesting nature of his young wife. He is an extremely stereotypical “otaku” (Japanese nerd), while she is a Chinese girl enjoying and learning the Japanese culture. — quoted from Mangahelper


Chapter 01 [ 4shared | MediaFire ]
Chapter 02 [ 4shared | MediaFire ]
Chapter 03 [ 4shared | MediaFire ]
Chapter 04 [ MediaFire ]
Chapter 05 [ MediaFire ]
Chapter 06 [ MediaFire ]



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