Author : Murase Katsutoshi
Artist : Murase Katsutoshi
Genre : Action, Seinen, Sports
Status : 4 volumes (Completed)

Growing up, Wataru and his younger brother have both done gymnastics, much like their parents. At first, Wataru, being the older brother, could out-perform his younger sibling in the sport, but everyone quickly came to notice the large gap in talent between the two brothers. Now, his younger brother has been nominated to represent Japan in the Olympics, while Wataru lives his day-to-day life not knowing what to strive for. Wataru began attending a kick boxing gym, initially to just relieve stress. With the help of his gym mates and rivals, he begins to understand that hard work can surpass talent in the realm of kick boxing. — quoted from Mangahelper

000 Volume 01
Chapter 01[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 02[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 03[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 04[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 05[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 06[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 07[ MediaFire ]
001 Volume 02
Chapter 08[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 09[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 10[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 11[ MediaFire ]


    1. The original manga has ended, but don’t worry… We’re still going on with this project, chapter 5 is already on progress. You can expect a release in some time. 😀


    1. We will drop this if no one would help with the cleaning and redrawing. We’ll give an official announcement on our next release. 🙂


  1. Hey guys, thank you for translating this manga, as a martial arts to myself I find it inspiring and just a hell of an adrenaline rush reading the manga. I know you guys are busy also but just wondering when check 12 is going to be done, thank you on behalf of everyone that reads this manga.


    1. Hi, victor! We are trying our best to deliver it quickly, but real life is kinda hectic and mongrel’s difficult redraws are not making it any easier for us. We are truly thankful for your support and will be trying harder to keep updating it. 🙂


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