Oh? You wanna join our BCS Family? That’s easy! Take these tests, and submit your work together with your application to! And don’t worry just because of the word “test”. We just wanna know how far you master your own field. 🙂

Translator [ Japanese Test | Mandarin Test ]
Cleaner / Typesetter
[ Cleaning only | Cleaning + Typesetting | Typesetting only ]
Re-drawer [ Redrawing Test ]
Proofreader [ Proofreading Test ]

So, what’re you waiting for? Come and join us now! XD


      1. I honestly know nothing about what each person does but i would gladly help where i can. Is it possible for me to join as one of the positions you are lacking?


    1. I reply as soon as I see the email, but I rarely have time to check emails unless in dire situations. If I don’t reply even after a month, it’s likely I have missed your email so please resend it. Thank you:)


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