We are BlastComic Scans. Our mission is to satisfy your needs of manga. Here you can read manga online and even request translations for your raws.  All you need to do is to provide us the raw!

Another thing, feel free to host our scanlation anywhere you like, but please appreciate our hard work by not removing the credit page. Also you are welcome to use our work for your translation as long as you credit us as well.

Lastly, BCS is also recruiting for more staff to help with the scanlation. You can check out the “JOIN US” corner or send us an e-mail directly to bcscans@gmail.com

We would love to hear your comments! And feel free contact us if you need anything.



  1. Thank you so much for you work! I’m looking forward to read more Nube!
    For my request, it would be awesome if you could pick up
    “Ningen Kyouki Katsuo”, “Bucchigiri CA”, or “Otogi no Machi no Rena” .
    Hope that one of these can be of your interest.


      1. Hi, frow! We’ll take note of those.. but as you can see our staffs are currently limited, so may be it’ll take a while before we can fulfill your request.. we welcome anybody who wants to help, though.. ^^


  2. Absolutely, there’s no hurry at all, that was just a request. I haven’t the spare time I used to have, so I can’t be of any help right now. But I hope you can increase your staff soon, you guys do a great job despite being so few people ^^


  3. huehuehue… how did I ever miss “request”…?? //drools like a creeper


    There are a lot I’d like to see, but currently I have two I’m really really reallllly desperately crying for. Namely: Goraihou Gakuen e Yokoso and Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Aerandria lost its translator for Goraihou a couple years ago, so you could probably joint on that… BakaTest… sigh… it’s been dropped by like five groups in succession. I just confirmed it with Wannabe Scanlations and Ecchi Baka Scans… orz It’s so great!!! ;w; WHY DOES NO ONE UNDERSTAND ITS GREATNESS?!

    …If these don’t interest you I have a longer list I can post… :’D (it’s full of a bunch of dropped long running shounen series! yayyy)


  4. hello team! 😀
    first of all thanks for your work! I like your projects 🙂
    that is why I would like to receive permission to retranslate “Revenge Game” the Spanish
    our group is Dark Paradise Fansub

    I hope your answer! ^^
    thanks and regards

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    1. Hi, Ricardo! About translating, it’ll entirely depend on whether there are staffs interested in them. Probably you can send us the raw sample (via e-mail bcscans@gmail.com) and we’ll see how it’ll go. Thank you.


  5. Thanks for all of your hard work translating! I really love Tanaka-kun and Uchi no Maou! Can you please translate Shounen Maid? The translation of it was four years ago. It’s really good and funny and the anime just ended so I was hoping to read more of the story. The raws can be found in sen manga. Thanks again for translating manga!


    1. Hi, Diana. As much as we’d love to pick up new series, our current projects are still dragging due to staff shortage. We are not likely to be able this pick this up as well. Maybe when we have more staffs. 🙂 Thank you.


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