Please read this Q&A section before sending us any e-mails. We won’t answer anything that has been answered here:

Q: What should I do request a manga?
A: Fill in you manga request here. Only manga that has been dropped or not updated for at least half a year accepted. Whether we’ll pick it or no will depend on the staffs availability.

Q: Are you open for a joint?
A: We very much welcome joints, but the availability of the staffs will depend on our staffs themselves. Just throw us an e-mail and we’ll sort it out together.

Q: Can we use your work to translate into another language?
A: Sure, go ahead. Credits are very much appreciated, though.

Q: I wanna help with scanlation work. May I join?
A: There’s no end for staff recruitment. Just visit here and follow the instruction.

Or email us at


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