Nemuri no Fuchi

Author : Nakamura Ayumu
Artist : Nakamura Ayumu
Genre : Horror, Shounen
Status : 3 volumes (Completed)

Eight years ago, a girl went missing while playing hide-and-seek in the forest. Starting around then, instances of ‘labyrinths’ started spawning in random places, which led to an increasing amount of missing people. Kaori was one of them, when she was never found after the game of hide-and-seek she played with Shuhei. Now, eight years later, Shuhei still feels guilty for the loss of Kaori. He feels as though he, too, should be dragged into these ‘labyrinths’ in the search for his long lost friend. Now, he found an opening into the labyrinth. In it, he begins his search for the truth behind this phenomenon![Dr.Coke] — quoted from Mangahelper

nemuri-01-kodansha Volume 01
Chapter 01[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 02[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 03[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 04[ MediaFire ]
9784063949599_w Volume 02
Chapter 05[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 06[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 07[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 08[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 09[ MediaFire ]
nemuri-no-fuchi-jp-3 Volume 03
Chapter 10[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 11[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 12[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 13[ MediaFire ]
Chapter 14 – End [ MediaFire ]


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