Ningen Kyouki Katsuo

Joint Project with The Scanlation Army

Author : HAMORI Takashi
Artist : HAMORI Takashi
Genre : Action, Comedy, Ecchi
Status : 10 volumes (Completed)

The protagonist Hamada Katsuo, is your everyday pervert/loser character. He’s starting a new semester in school, so he wants to escape from his loser days, the only problem is the new change in look/lifestyle he got is that of a gang member. He beats a strong guy that was bullying a friend of his by mistake and now, because of it he’s the target for all the gangs in the region, even though he’s still only a weakling and a pervert. Will Katsuo escape alive…? Find out. — quoted from batoto

Chapter 1 – 29 [ Read Online ]

Chapter 30 [ MediaFire ]



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