New Release 2017-07-19

It’s… Saijou no Meii time! The cliffhanger’s been resolved, but now we’ve got another one. This author really likes their cliffhangers.

New Releases:
Saijou no Meii 58
Saijou no Meii 59


New things!

Hello hello! Shougei’s taking a semi-break for a while due to real life getting busy, so I’ll be doing releases in the meantime! For the first post, here’s some exciting news.

We’ve picked up a new series: Tomogui! It’s promising to be a dark one. We’re starting off with the first chapter.

We’ve also resumed our releases of Saijou no Meii!

Lastly, there’s two more chapters of Tanaka.


New releases:
Tomogui 01
Saijou no Meii 55
Saijou no Meii 56
Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge 63
Tanaka-kun wa itusmo kedaruge 64

After the Loooonngggg Break

Hello, again!

Sorry for the long absence…. Most of us got real busy with real lives so we couldn’t spare enough time to do this. We release more this time as an apology. Enjoy your read and have a nice weekend. Happy Reading!!

PS. We need a proofreader with some medical knowledge for Saijou no Meii. Contact us if you’re interested. 🙂