2016 Christmas Release


Santa Tanaka is coming to towwnnn!!! Ho ho ho… (Gah, he’s asleep! -___-)

Oh, well. I’ll just take his stead and deliver your christmas presents! Ho ho ho
Firstly, we have Tanaka chapter 52. Next, is chapter 9 of Mongrel. This project is going a bit slowly. Please be patient with our pace. ^^”
Lastly, we have Saijou no Meii chapter 54. This is the last chapter from volume 6. Phew, finally. Volume 7 will probably come slower, but rest assured we’re doing our best! ^^

Anyway, all staffs from BlastComic Scans would like to wish all of you a Happy Merry Christmas!! Hope you all have an unforgettable joyous holiday!! Happy Reading!!! 😀

New Release 19/10/2016

Uchi_no_Maou_Ch01-03 cropped-mongrel.jpg

Hello!! I’m back today to present new chapters again.

First of all, we have chapter 7 of Mongrel. Thanks to Tenpenny who has purchased the raw for Mongrel. We have the best quality of raw available now!!

Secondly, Uchi no Maou Kamimasen yo has finally ended. Chapter 35 will be the last one of it. There’s also an extra chapter coming along with it. And by this, we have concluded our journey with Satan and Yuuhei. A long ride these past years. *sniffles* Make sure to keep supporting Otousan-sensei in her next works.

Finally, have a nice week, enjoy your read and Happy Reading!!! 😀

Weekend Release 14/02/15

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Yo, It’s Shougei again!

I bet you guys have been wondering why we released so few last week. Yeah, lots of things happened and we just couldn’t finished all on time. B.U.T! This week we’re back into action PLUS we have some double release to make up for last week. Yeah, Hell Teacher Nube and Saijou no Meii comes double this week. And don’t jump over joy just yet. We’ve got another collection as well. I know Mongrel fans been itching for another update, so here we present you chapter 5 of Mongrel as well. Hehehe. What? Still not enough? Don’t worry, Revenge Game and Uchi no Maou Kamimasen yo are in the house as well. HAHAHAHA

Ng? Wondering why we’re so generous this week? Can’t you guess from our title this week? Yes, it’s Valentine Day! It’s the day for love and so we’re presenting our love for you our dear readers.  Plus,  hereby I’m also saying thanks to all my great team in BCS that has helped through  all this time. So, what are you waiting for? Go express your love and thanks to all your dear ones. But before, enjoy our collection this week and have a pleasant weekend + Valentine. Happy reading, Happy Valentine Day, and Happy Weekend!!

Ah, and it’s too much trouble to put all the links here, so just click on the thumbnails. It’ll direct you to each pages. (Thanks to AoiTenshi for the tips. Hahaha)